"Perhaps it was only a dream. Maybe you and I and the fish exist only as a memory of those long departed."


In telling his story, the man makes it clear that the people aboard the Ark, having forgotten everything simply fossilized, turned to immobile stone. And that what he and the girl consider reality is simply the memories of those long departed.

In the town there are statues of men, in uniform, and they all wield harpoons. Once the fish shadows appear, the statues come to life, hunting the fish. Uselessly hurling their harpoons through windows trying to snare the shadow fish. It seems as if the men are stuck in one point in time, in a single memory they had fished in a world where fish still existed. Now it is the shadows of fish that triggers this memory and sets them in motion. They appear not to even acknowledge the existance of the little girl and the man, their only focus is hunting the fish.


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