"They waited for the bird to return, waited, waited, til they grew tired of waiting. Until they forgot they ever sent out the bird. Until they forgot that there ever was a bird or even a world, sunken, under the water."

original soundtrack

Composer: Kanno Yoshihiro
Title: [Tenshi no Tamago] Angel's Egg

[Pureryu-do] Prelude
[Tamago no Miru Yume] Dreaming Eggs
[Kinkaijikake no Taiyou] Mechanical Sun
[Tenshi no Tamago Mein Te-mu] Angel's Egg Main Theme
[Mizu no Kioku] Memory of Water
[Mado no Mukou ni] Beyond the Window
[Minasoko no Machi] Town of Sea Bed
[Sakana kari] Fish Hunting
[Opera Hausu] Opera House
[Jikan no Taiseki] Accumulation of Time
[Tenshi no Kaseki] Angel's Fossil
[Yatou no Gotoku] Night Thief
[Tensei] Transmigration
[Ikami to Tomo ni] Different God

To access the mp3s, you must go to my divshare account. There you can preview the music and download the ones you wish. The password is angelsegg.


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