"They forgot who they were, where they came from...and where they were going."

original soundtrack

Composer: Kanno Yoshihiro
Title: [Tenshi no Tamago] Angel's Egg

[Pureryu-do] Prelude
[Tamago no Miru Yume] Dreaming Eggs
[Kinkaijikake no Taiyou] Mechanical Sun
[Tenshi no Tamago Mein Te-mu] Angel's Egg Main Theme
[Mizu no Kioku] Memory of Water
[Mado no Mukou ni] Beyond the Window
[Minasoko no Machi] Town of Sea Bed
[Sakana kari] Fish Hunting
[Opera Hausu] Opera House
[Jikan no Taiseki] Accumulation of Time
[Tenshi no Kaseki] Angel's Fossil
[Yatou no Gotoku] Night Thief
[Tensei] Transmigration
[Ikami to Tomo ni] Different God

To access the mp3s, you must go to my divshare account. There you can preview the music and download the ones you wish. The password is angelsegg.


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