"Maybe nothing exists in this world, only the falling rain. And maybe the bird never existed from the beginning."


The little girl acts as the guardian of the egg. There is never any mentioning of who she is, how she came into possession of the egg. She is very small, and doesn't seem to be older than 10. It is apparent by how well she knows the city, as she goes into one building for food, seemingly some sort of fruit jam. She keeps the egg warm under she dress, holding it her body. At time she carresses the egg.

the only time she seems afraid is when the statues of men come to life and begin chasing and harpooning the shoadowy fish, at which she hides under the man's cloak.

She collects bulbous glass flasks. To drink water from, but also to watch the bubbles rise from the bottom. The building she has made her home is filled with bottles.

In this building, she found the angel's fossil, and it seems her motive for caring for the egg is to return it to the angel once it hatches.

The egg seems to be the girl's only interest and purpose in life. The fact she is alone, fails to be daunting, so long as she has her egg. Then she comes across the man, and has come to trust him, to be at ease enough to lead him to her home, to her secret angel, and to fall sleep in his presence. However, the man betrays her trust shattering her egg and wordlessly leaving. She mourns for her egg and all the egg meant to her. Her sobs echoing throughout the desolate building in desperation and utter sorrow. There doesn't seem to be trace of anger or betrayel, only the pain of losing the egg and the life she imagined slept within it.

As she chases the man, she falls down into a chasm. There she sees the ghostly reflection of herself, but matured into a young woman. She kisses the reflection and disappears, as the reflection materializes and sinks. Drowning, the woman releases her last breath of air. Bubbling to the surface, the bubbles become eggs.

Seated upon a throne on the circular floating vessal, is a woman. She looks much like the matured version of the little girl, and in her hands she cradles an egg.


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