"I shall wipe Man from the face of the Earth."

near extinct

Looking at the fish, by the size and the tail, they appear to be Ceolacanth. The importance in this minor fact is that the Coelacanth is closely related to prehistoric fish dating back some 65 million years ago, and was long thought to be extinct. Until a living was found in the 1930s.

Somehow, if a coelcanth was what Oshii and Amano wanted to portray, it adds a sense of antiquity to the hunt and the world in which the movie takes place.

While the men are hunting the spectre fish, the girl waits the hunt out in what appears to be a church. The music played in this building titles it an Opera House. The stained glass windows have large fish murals.

The fish is also an important symbol in Christianity. The word fish in Greek is ichthus. A acrostic reading of this word would be as follows:
Iesous (Jesus)
CHristos (Christ)
THeou (God)
Uiou (Son)
Soter (Savior)
Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior

Apostles of Christ were also called fishers of men, as their task was to use the teaches of Christ to bring people to God and Salvation.

Finally there is tale of Jesus feeding a large crowd with only 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish at hand, one of the many miracles performed by Christ.

In his account of the Great Flood, the man says that God wished to destroy Mankind, as well as the beast that crawled the earth and the sky. Creatures of the sea, especially fish as opposed to lobster or other seafloor crawling creatures, do not fit in this category. A flood would not have been life threatening to creatures of the sea.


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