"I wonder how long have you been here."

within a shell

Within the immobile, hard shell, is life. As such, the egg is often seen as a symbol of Ressurection of Christ. Christ's sascrifice meant the redemption of mankind.

In Japanese, the kanji for 'tamago' is not used in the movie's title, rather it is written out in hiragana. [Tama] meaning round, ball and [Go] which is actually 'ko' meaning young animal.

After the forty days and forty nights, Noah and his family sent out doves. They hoped that if land existed once more the dove would bring back some sign. In the Biblical story, it is said Noah sent out two birds. the first bird, a raven, never returned. However the second bird, a dove, returns baring an olive branch. However, in the movie, both birds are send out but never return. The people wonder if the bird grew tired, and with no where to land, sank into the ocean and died, or if the bird found land and never returned to them at all.

It is never specified where the girl obtained the egg. The man, seems insistent that she break the egg. His reasoning is that the egg must be broken to know what is inside, however if life lies within the egg, breaking the egg would destroy it. The logical line of thinking would be wait until the egg hatches. The man is older, and seems to have more memories of the past than the girl does. He has a memory of a great tree sucking up life and an egg at the apex of that tree. So it's clear the egg has a far different significance to the man than the hopeful anticipation it holds for the girl. He seems almost leery of it.

There is no telling how long the girl cared for the egg, but the man smashes while she sleeps. The egg is empty.

Perhaps the egg can be seen as an idol or emblem to the girl. This is why the man warns her that she "...must keep that which is precious within...or it will become forever lost." The girl pinned so much on the egg, she held it to her ear and could hear it breathing, flapping its wings, when in fact there was absolutely nothing within the egg. There is no doubt she was lost once the egg was broken. The egg she kept warm next to her heart and curled around in sleep. If the egg is a symbol of faith, then what the man was telling her is that faith must be within you, it must never be placed on anything physical. When you attempt to make it physical, you stand a chance of losing it, as world possessions can be lost.

In the end, at the top of the tree-like stalks, the eggs balanced there are made translucent enough that bird embryos can be seen stiring. As the floating sphere rises from the water, white feathers are tossed about. On the Sphere, upon a throne is a woman, cradling an egg.


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