"There are no fish, still they still chase after them. Even though there are no fish anywhere."


What exactly is the strange cross-like object the man carries? We never see it used in a violent act other than when he uses it to break the egg open. Therefore, it doesn't seem to be a weapin, if anyone is thinking a Trigun sort of scenario. Other than his clothing, the cross is the only possession the man is seen with.

The saying everyone has their own cross to bear is to say there is a burden everyone must shoulder. Just as Christ had to bear the weight of the cross alone. The man carries the cross over his shoulder. The only time he is seen without it is when he goes to put the girl to bed.

In the center is an oval shaped red stone. There is a story told that a woman once said, sarcastically, Christ died for my sins as sure as this egg is red! pointing to an egg on her table. As soon as she says this, the egg turns blood red in color. The stone reminded me of this tale.


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