"There are no fish, still they still chase after them. Even though there are no fish anywhere."

endless rain

Angel's Egg has few lines, depends much on contrasting light and darkness, and takes place in a seemingly abandoned city locked within the perpetual downpour of rain.

A round machine rises from the water. It's surface is covered in statues of people, standing with their hands clasped as if in prayer.

There are two main characters. A nameless girl and the egg she carries tucked under her flowing dress, which she clearly treasures. A nameless man arrives, riding some mechanical contraption. He has a taupe colored belted jumpsuit, pockets on both breasts, with a dark blue colored cape. He carries with him a cross-like object, which he holds in his right hand and bears the weight of over his right shoulder.

There is very little dialogue among the two. Initially, the girl treats the strange man and his apparent interest in her egg, with distrust. Without her knowing, he has obtained her egg and holds it in front of her, warning "You must keep that which is precious within you, or it will become forever lost". She draws close enough to the man to lift her skirt up and over the egg and steps away quickly. He asks about it's contents, which she refuses to tell him, and he insists that to know what is inside, she must break the egg open. She inquires, again and again Who are you? to which he gives no reply. From then on, he follows her as she makes her way through the dark abandoned city, remaining a few steps behind her.

Suddenly, the statues littering the city spring to life and begin to hunt the shadows of fish. The girl, frightened, hides behind the man's cloak. He allows her closeness, and even holds her to him when she tries to pull away, until the beings hunting the shadow fish all run past. From then on out, seems to have a sort of trust for him. Before turning to go into the place she has made home, she implores him "Please...promise me you won't hurt me egg.", to which he gives no reply. Inside, he tells her of a great tree which he can barely recall. The tree sprung up and continue skyward, sucking up life as it went. At the very top, was a great egg. The girl takes the man to an area where, in the wall, is the fossilized remains of what appears to be a winged man. This is the first and only time the man makes an expression- one of confusion or disbelief.

The man also recounts the tale of Noah's Ark. God, angered by the acts of Man, had such regret for bringing about Creation, that a Great Flood was dispatched. For forty days and forty nights. After forty days and forty nights, the people aboard the ark sent out a dove. It never returned. So another was sent. The people waited and waited, but the bird never returned. Soon the bird was completely forgotten, the land was completely forgotten. The people forgot who they were, where they came from, and where they were going. He asks the girl how long she has been there. If the building, filled with flask flasks was her way of keeping count of the days she'd been there-- to which she shakes her head 'no'. The man also can't remember where he has been. He claims that Perhaps it was only a dream. Maybe you and I and the fish exist only as a memory of those lost long ago... Maybe there is nothing exists in this world, only the falling rain. And maybe the bird never existed from the beginning.

The little girl falls asleep, and he carries her into the bed room. He lays her on the bed, and sits on the floor, thinking. Times passes by, as the director shows this animation for about 3 minutes. Finally the man rises, and takes the egg. Away from the bed room, he raises his cross high, and smashes the egg. Seeing the egg was empty, the man departs.

The little girl awakens, noticing the man gone, and realizes her egg is missing as well. She runs out of the room and steps onto something-- shards of the egg's shell. Bending, she clutches at it's fragments. The camera pans away and we hear her screaming, the agony raw in her voice. After lamenting for a while longer, she gets up to go after the man.

She finally sees him, but falls down into a deep chasm. Down she falls, to the water's surface, where she sees an older, matured version of herself. The little girl and the reflection kiss, and the child disappears. The woman in the water now sinks, and releases her final breath. Great bubbles rise to the water's surface and becomes eggs. Above is the shadow of a great tree-like stalks with eggs on the top of each stalk.

The same round machine rises from the water, and in the center, among the standing statues in prayer, is a woman, who appears to be the older version of the little girl, seated on a throne, in her lap she cradles an egg.

The camera pans further away and we see that the 'world' is built on the hull of an overturned ark.


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